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After a long period of hibernation, the great beast awakens.

What is M1nefreeks?

This server aims to bring you the best survival Minecraft experience by offering an incredible amount of unique survival game modes and styles!

What game modes does M1nefreeks offer?

The classic build/survival mode with enhancements

A factions realm for all of the anarchists

A peaceful realm for players who just want to play in peace

A skygrid realm for those who live life on the edge

A skyblock realm for those who like challenges

An amplified realm for those who take things to the extreme

The classic Nether realm for when you get cold

The End realm for when you want to fight a dragon

The Skylands realm for when you want to see the beauty of Minecraft

A realm for you to gather all of your resources

A Creative realm for building(visit Buildfreeks for a premium creative experience)

& of course, the ancient build realms for veteran players.

M1nefreeks has been under construction since the beginning of this year.

The server has been completely reconstructed from the ground up.

But why is it being released in BETA?!

This is due to the fact that I cannot test every single thing by myself.

Currently, there aren't any in-game announcements, info about donating, info about voting, info about the commands you can do(even though you already have the permission to use the commands and features), etc. I will be adding those soon. For now, just get mining.

If you were a player before hibernation, the old worlds are still available,

but will not be supported for new features.

Thank you:

Thank you to Deus and his build team for creating the awesome new server spawn for M1nefreeks!

Thank you to Xeno, Wildfire, and anyone else that helped me test features before the release!

Bugs & Exploits:

I strongly suspect that the server is not 100% flawless, so:

Please report any bugs, exploits, or anything of that nature to my wall.

Thank you for reading this; enjoy the server!


Archimedess (Used to be CopperConnector1)
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Some Server News

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First post in over a year! *blows off dust*

Server News:

1. (Buildfreeks) It is safe and recommended to update to Minecraft 1.8.7
2. (Buildfreeks) If you are still deadlocked, "Have you tried getting M1nechat on an Android or Apple device, then going into the plot world and do /heal? It works for me."
3. I plan on releasing the revamp of M1nefreeks before releasing M1nefreeks: Pocket Edition.
4. The latest update of Minecraft Pocket Edition was just released a day or two ago that makes this Pocket Edition server endeavor worthwhile and practical for server admins, so everything is going smoothly so far in that regard.
5. When M1nefreeks is re-released, I will likely have something special planned going on so stay tuned.


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