What can Mods even do anyways?

  • Check player's real name /realname
  • Check to see if a player is banned with /banlist
  • Use /vanish and see others in /vanish mode
  • If you are in vanish mode, it is recommended that you toggle your speech bubbles ability with /speechbubbles toggle
  • Mute online & offline players with /mute
  • Moderator nametag and prefix/suffix
  • Tempban online & offline players with /tempban
  • Teleport to a player with /tp *Subject to change*
  • Inspect griefs in the Survival realm with /co i
  • Enter plots even if they are denied from them
  • They can also bypass plot kicks
  • Toggle their teleport status with /tptoggle
  • Open & edit other's inventories with /openinv player *Do NOT use this on other staff members unless you private message me on ENJIN first with reason to do so*
  • Clear other players inventories with /eci <player>
  • Kick players with /kick player reason_for_kick_here

Here we go...

  • Do not repeal/undo another Mod's punishment on a player.
  • As a Mod, you may not use foul language even though it is not against the server rules. Mods must act professionally.
  • Do NOT announce a player's punishment in the chat. Punish them, then private message them the reason.
  • Do not ban someone on a chat related offense only; simply mute them. (With one exception: bullying! Bullying will be under a no-tolerance policy here. Please temp-ban immediately for bullying and report it on wall.)
  • No more warnings. On the first offense, do a lighter punishment, then scale up if they repeat offense after previous punishment.
  • If a player of any non-staff rank is attempting to moderate another player's behavior,(other than reminding them that foul language is against the rules) a staff member may mute them immediately, then message them telling them why they were muted. Tell them to next time simply screenshot their behavior, and report the player that is supposedly doing something wrong, to a staff member.
  • If an inappropriate build is found on plot, immediate temp-ban of 3d no matter if the plot owner was responsible or someone added was.
  • As a Mod, it is not required, but I would be very thankful if you would greet each and every new player that enters one of our servers; whether it be a "Welcome, player", or whatever your style is.
  • If a player asks about getting Mod, private message them m1nefreeks.com/staff. Do not answer in chat.
  • If a player asks about donating, tell them to /website
  • If a player asks about the website or forums, tell them to /website
  • If a player asks about voting, tell them to /vote
  • If a player has an inappropriate name, immediately temp-ban them for 3d. Super-Mods and up, perma-ban them. 
  • If a player threatens to crash/shutdown the server, take a screenshot of the incident, post it in the player report forums, tempban them immediately without warning for 3d if you are a Mod, or permanently if you are a Super-Mod.
  • Use common sense.

Player Chat Offense Punishment Guidelines:

  • 1st Offense: 30m
  • 2nd Offense: 2h
  • 3rd Offense: 1d
  • 4th Offense: Perma-mute and notify me on my wall as soon as you do this.

Please post anything you think should be added to this list in the comments below because I know that it is incomplete and will need revision.

The Forum Rules:
-No advertising other servers or anything that does not help contribute to the discussion in a thread
-Use thread titles that describe the thread
-Do not make replies that are irrelevant to the thread.
-No bullying
-No cursing
-All Staff Application threads should remain open unless the one applying no longer desires to use said application.
-Forum Mods can not threaten to delete posts within threads. They hide the post if they think it is necessary so you can see it for later.

For Player & Watchdog Reports:
-Do not false report someone.
-Do not report for minor reasons
-Do not report out of context
-Do not report for personal offense

Forum Mods:
- If a Forum Mod locks a post, another Forum Mod cannot unlock it. Report the thread to wilson if you think that a thread needs to be unlocked.
- Do not unhide posts that have been hidden
- Forum Mods must handle situations and act professionally.
- Do NOT announce a player's punishment on the thread. Punish them, then private message them the reason.
- If a player asks about getting Mod, private message them and tell them to make a thread in the Staff Applications section

Please explain what changes you would like to see made and why, by replying to this post.

Thank you,


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